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Sillonnée par le chemin de randonnée E4, la Grèce est le lieu idéal pour la randonnée, depuis 1996, nous sommes créateurs de voyages pour de nombreuses agences de tourisme d’aventures (Atalante, Huwans, Terre d’Aventures et bien d’autres on fait appel à nos services). En petit groupe, ou en liberté, nous offrons des solutions complète de voyage et assurons le portage de vos bagages lors des circuits en itinérance. Nos guides vous facilitent les contacts avec la population locale et organisent la vie du groupe. En liberté nos topoguides précis vous permettent de randonner à votre rythme, chaque soir un hébergement vous est réservé et si vous le désirez nous nous occupons également du repas. Côté assistance, un numéro d’appel est à votre disposition, 24h/24, 7j/7.
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8 – 15 days Cruise in Argo-Saronic Gulf or Cyclades

With or without a skipper, a discovery of the Greek Islands. Modern-day Ulysses, discovering the Aegean Sea with stops in deserted coves, uninhabited islands, a journey out of time with modern and comfortable sailboats.


Sweetness of the landscapes, white marble, its Byzantine way make of Paros an attractive island.


The Portara, this gate that stands at the port of Naxos at the place of the unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo is majestic, it is a beautiful place to contemplate the sunset.


Atlantis? Maybe, you never know. A wonderful site, the day that it exploded, and the volcano collapsed causing the fall of much of the island, imagine the din that it had to do. Scary.


Milos is known thanks to the statue of Aphrodite, the famous Venus of Milo, found in the 19th century and now on display in the Louvre Museum.


Accessible from the ports of Agios Konstandinos or Volos, Skiathos is a beautiful island, wooded, beautiful beaches stretch over all its perimeters, possibility to rent motor boats without license to explore the islands around, a very nice discovery.


Certainly, the most beautiful port of the Mediterranean Sea. Chania was the capital of Crete until 1972, beaches of the North Coast, rises the massif of the White Mountains which brings together more than 50 peaks at more than 2000 meters of altitude, then falling in the sea of Libya in steep cliffs.


The capital of Crete, many monuments are reminiscent of Venetian past and artists who lived there. The archaeological museum is unique in the world and the palace of Knossos, founded by King Minos, son of Zeus is a must visit.


If Elounda and Agios Nikolaos are considered luxury beaches, the fact remains that the place is charming, the island of Spinalonga, old Venetian fortress transformed leprosarium in the Gulf.


The island of Calypso, it is there that it retains Odysseus, it was for a long time the most southern place of Europe, inhabited by about forty permanent residents it is a true paradise for a day trip or more…

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