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Continental Greece

6 regions 2 towns to be discovered


Greece’s second largest city, it has many Byzantine churches listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, it is an excellent starting point to visit the North of Greece.


Region located between Epirus and Macedonia, Thessaly has many lakes. The Meteora monasteries are located in the North, while to the South lies the Pelion Peninsula.


In the plain of Thessaly, this geological formation where were built from the 11th century monasteries to the peaks of the rocks is an unmissable place of visit of Greece.


Macedonia is the largest part of the Greek territory east of the Pindos.
The country of Philip II and his son Alexander the Great, it is rich in a thousand-year history.


The second largest island of Greece connected by a bridge to the continent, located along the Attic is green and mountainous, known for its dry-stone houses, houses of Dragons, Evia also offers many market gardening and beautiful forests.


In the north of the country, next to Albania, the Epirus is full of many gorge including the Vikos gorge, the deepest in Europe, beautiful arch bridges, villages made of stone houses and where the architecture remembers the Ottoman occupation, a region to discover for lovers of hiking and nature.


This great peninsula that descends below the chain of the Pindus and advances in the Aegean Sea to end at Cape Sounion, is full of very beautiful discoveries, the site of Vravona, the monastery of Kessariani, Marathon, place of passage during tours of mainland Greece.


A bustling and endearing city, monuments, museums, beautiful neighborhoods and beautiful public gardens.