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It’s choosing between different formulas

Individual trips, with friends or family, guided or free with roadbooks and guidebooks,

Most of our trips are created for you à la carte according to the prescriptions you gave us during our interview. Our expertise combined with your desideratas will allow you to propose an unforgettable trip that will respect the budget that you wish to impart to this one.

A series of programs exist we will try to adapt them to your request.

Group trips with support for activities and services according to your request, professional guides, archaeologists and speakers will guide your trip.


This experience of tourism off the beaten track, it puts at the service of an ever more varied clientele, eager to discover in its footsteps the paths of Greece and its many islands. 


During our travels we cross sensitive areas, for the fauna, for the flora, all our actions must be made thinking to produce no nuisance. 


Our travels are an experience that combines human relationships, nature, traditions, culture.


Individual trips, with friends or family, guided or free with roadbooks and guidebooks.

Our differences

Our travels are an experience that combines human relationships, nature, traditions, culture, in each of them we propose various ways to approach the discoveries by including hikes, trips by car, 4×4, boat, motorcycle with great respect for the environment.

We offer tailor-made trips surrounded by our expertise.

Our sentence: look over the hill and make the ordinary one, the extraordinary of our guests.

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  • New - Best Seller

    8 – 15 days Cruise in Argo-Saronic Gulf or Cyclades

    With or without a skipper, a discovery of the Greek Islands. Modern-day Ulysses, discovering the Aegean Sea with stops in deserted coves, uninhabited islands, a journey out of time with modern and comfortable sailboats.

  • Paros

    Sweetness of the landscapes, white marble, its Byzantine way make of Paros an attractive island.

  • Naxos

    The Portara, this gate that stands at the port of Naxos at the place of the unfinished temple dedicated to Apollo is majestic, it is a beautiful place to contemplate the sunset.

  • Best Seller


    Filming location of the film Le Grand Bleu, its monastery clinging to the cliff overlooking the waves, its magnificent beaches accessible in caique make Amorgos a pearl of the Cyclades.

  • Santorin

    Atlantis? Maybe, you never know. A wonderful site, the day that it exploded, and the volcano collapsed causing the fall of much of the island, imagine the din that it had to do. Scary.

  • Milos

    Milos is known thanks to the statue of Aphrodite, the famous Venus of Milo, found in the 19th century and now on display in the Louvre Museum.

  • Skiathos

    Accessible from the ports of Agios Konstandinos or Volos, Skiathos is a beautiful island, wooded, beautiful beaches stretch over all its perimeters, possibility to rent motor boats without license to explore the islands around, a very nice discovery.

  • Chania

    Certainly, the most beautiful port of the Mediterranean Sea. Chania was the capital of Crete until 1972, beaches of the North Coast, rises the massif of the White Mountains which brings together more than 50 peaks at more than 2000 meters of altitude, then falling in the sea of Libya in steep cliffs.

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